Giampaolo Vimercati, born in Milan in 1958, emerged in 1984 within the realm of Italian fashion publishing, marking the genesis of his career as a photographer and director.

Operating between the vibrant cities of Paris and Milan, Vimercati honed his craft in sports, equestrian, and advertising photography, cultivating collaborations with numerous esteemed French and global publications.

Renowned for his adeptness in capturing movement and imbuing his subjects with vivacity, Vimercati's work bears witness to a distinctive perspective that unveils unconventional details and explores unique vantage points.

His artistry lies in deftly balancing light and shadow, creating compelling portrayals that exude both strength and beauty, particularly in the realm of action and athleticism.

One of his initial breakthroughs manifested in a captivating reportage featuring tennis luminaries Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer during the Roland Garros stage. This milestone was followed by capturing other elite athletes such as Sébastien Chabal, Camille Lacourt, and Andy Roddick for prominent advertising campaigns.

Vimercati's photographic editorials graced the pages of prestigious publications like Vanity Fair, Sport & Style, and L’Uomo Vogue, highlighting icons of sports including Zlatan Ibrahimović, Nicolas Anelka, Morgan Parra, Vincent Clerc, Byron Kelleher, Mauro and Mirco Bergamasco, among others.

Beyond athletic pursuits, Vimercati's passion for horse photography blossomed after nurturing a deep connection with a thoroughbred and engaging closely with equestrianism for thirteen years. His evocative work for the Palio di Siena garnered widespread acclaim in Italy and France between 2000 and 2002.

He became the creative force behind numerous advertising campaigns for entities such as "France Galop," contributing to the esteemed French fashion house Hermès for their equestrian-themed book and collaborating with Longines for their horse racing campaigns held in renowned racecourses worldwide.

In 2010, Vimercati embarked on a significant project commissioned by the Association of Jockeys, focusing on an exposition titled "Les Sportifs de l’Extrême," dedicated entirely to the world of horse racing. This endeavor depicted the intense and perilous nature of a jockey's profession, receiving accolades and leading to monumental exhibitions in prestigious venues like the Chantilly racetrack.

Transitioning into videography in 2016, Vimercati integrated video seamlessly into his creative vision. This venture gained traction with the production of his inaugural video, featured in the Italian Rolling Stone magazine and web platform.

Since then, he has skillfully produced videos and photographs showcasing top-tier athletes across various sports, including collaborations with Rolling Stone Italia, documenting personalities like Nicolò Caimi, a Pro Wakeboarder, and the Pro Recco Waterpolo 1913 team. Additionally, he chronicled the Cinelli Fixed Team at the RED HOOK in NY.

From 2018 through 2019, Vimercati directed and produced a series of six videos for EEM, presenting captivating content for events like the Riders Masters Cup, Longines Speed Challenge, Asian Arabian Horse Show, and Mondial du Cheval de Paris for The Longines Masters Season V. These videos served as trailers for the forthcoming seasons and were exhibited along with still images in Lausanne in June 2019.

His creative journey continued in 2020, capturing extraordinary Italian women athletes destined for Tokyo 2020 in both photographs and videos, celebrating their achievements.

In 2022, Vimercati ventured into fine art black-and-white photography, immortalizing bulls in Spain for Lamborghini, showcasing the raw essence and power of these creatures.

His latest endeavors in 2023 at the Saut Hermès involved capturing the Partner riders, artisans, and the entire Hermès Equestrian Team for Hermès Sellier, exhibiting an unparalleled dedication to visual storytelling within the equestrian world.

Beyond his commercial successes, Vimercati is passionately developing a project titled "The Race," an ode to the captivating universe of horse racing, further cementing his legacy as an artist dedicated to immortalizing the beauty and dynamism of sports and equestrianism.




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